VIEXCO ECOLÓGICOS is a Honduran corporation headquartered in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Central America, focused in the distribution, development and sales of environmentally friendly agricultural products for use in the agricultural markets of Honduras, while at the same time protecting the Environment. Many of these products have been used in Honduras for 15 years.

Approved for Organic Cropping:

  • Organic water softener and pH reducers (PH-PLUS, etc.): Water softener that reduces pH and water hardness in the spray water for pesticide uses. Improves performance and reduces the waste and amount of pesticides going into the environment. It is also approved for use in Organic Cropping.
  • Organic and botanical bactericides, approved for Organic Cropping
  • Organic, botanical and biological fungicides.
  • Botanical, biological and insecticides, approved for Organic Cropping
  • Bio-rational herbicides for rice, corn, vegetables, cucurbits, etc.
  • Foliar Bio-Stimulant Fertilizers: a line of bio-stimulants that improves nutritional deficiencies of plants.
  • Plant Growth Regulators (GA3, NAA, IBA, BAP, CYTOKINE, DIMICID, etc)
  • Seeds (Vegetables, Corn, Ornamentals, etc.)
  • Peat moss or substrates
  • Insect Monitoring Products (BIOTAC, Pheromones, Traps, etc.)
  • Soil Moisture Management product (NEWGEL)
  • Foliar Growth Enhancer (STIMUS-PLUS): adjuvant that improves penetration and performance of pesticides in all crops
  • Botanical Nematicide which are organic in nature
  • Adjuvant that improves penetration and performance of pesticides in all crops (XENIC)

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